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What ever happened to Magnum T.A. ?

In the mid-80's, Magnum T.A. was the top babyface, along with Dusty Rhodes, in the NWA, and was a sure bet to eventually be World Champion. Magnum had finished a classic summer series with Nikita Koloff and was starting a feud with Jimmy Garvin when on October 14, 1986, his career came to an end. He crashed his Porsche into a utility pole while driving at 2:30am in Charlotte, North Carolina. A cervical vertebrae exploded, sending bone fragments into his spinal cord. Incredibly, Magnum beat the odds and was able to walk again, but his in-ring career was unquestionably done. Magnum worked in the business as a commentator, manager and behind the scenes once he could walk again, but eventually left wrestling to work in the family business.

What were the reasons behind the death of Rick Rude, and what stopped him from wrestling in the ring ?

Rick Rude died of a heart attack, believed to have been brought on by a bad mix of prescription drugs. People have speculated that Rude was attempting to lose weight for a possible in ring comeback, and weight loss drugs mixed tragically with a painkiller he used, but that is all speculation. Rude had broken his neck on May 4, 1994 during a match with Sting in Japan where Rude won the WCW "International" World Title. Rude never wrestled again, and later sued WCW over it. Rude resurfaced in wrestling after a long absence in 1997 with ECW, then moved to the WWF, then WCW. Rude jumped to WCW as part of a settlement he reached with them over his lawsuit. His jump gave Rude an interesting footnote in history, as he appeared on a live Nitro while he simultaneously appeared on a taped Raw. He had shaved his trademark mustache before Nitro, "exposing" the taped Raw.

What are the former members of Demolition up to these days ?

Crush, the third member of Demolition, is currently Bryan Adams of Kronic in WCW. Barry Darsow, the better known Demolition Smash (Randy Culley was briefly Smash first), has wrestled under several identities since then, and most recently has done his "Blacktop Bully" gimmick on independent shows. Ax still competes rarely on indy's, sometimes under the name "Axis The Demolisher."

What ever happened to "Tugboat", the former WWF wrestler ? Did he wrestle under any other name after he left ?

Tugboat also wrestled as Typhoon in the WWF as one half of the Natural Disasters with Earthquake. He also used the names Shockmaster, Fred, and Big Steelman in the ring. He is currently wrestling as Typhoon on a tour of Australia.

What's the status of some of wrestling's biggest former stars, Vader, Nikita Koloff, Ultimate Warrior & DDP ?

Vader - Taking time off to heel an injury, is expected to wrestle for Mitsuharu Misawa's NOAH promotion when he returns to the ring.

Nikita Koloff - Retired, although he did recently make an appearance at an independent show. Has not ruled out a possible return to the ring.

Ultimate Warrior - Back in hiding after his ill-fated WCW stint, the Warrior may turn up again, but comes with a high price tag.

DDP - Under WCW contract, currently sitting on the sidelines.

Could you tell me what Ronnie Garvin is doing these days and if he still makes any appearances ?

Garvin is still taking independent dates occasionally. He worked for Terry Landel's Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in the Knoxville area a couple weeks ago in a tag match. One of the guys on the opposite side was Robert Fuller.

Whatever happened to El Gigante/Giant Gonzalez ?

Jorge Gonzalez, who was a 7' 7" basketball player turned wrestler, debuted in WCW in 1990 after failing to cut it on the Atlanta Hawks as a player. He wrestled has El Gigante, having moderate success as a babyface, then moved to the WWF as the heel Giant Gonzalez. His most high profile run there was a brief feud with the Undertaker. Gonzalez also found some work as an actor. He allegedly had some health problems stemming from being a diabetic, and opted to leave wrestling and return home to Argentina, where he still resides.

What happened to 2 Cold Scorpio ?

Scorpio is currently wrestling for All Japan Pro Wrestling. He occasionally on wrestles independent and ECW shows when in the United States.

What has happened to former ECW wrestlers Sabu and Super Crazy? Are either of them ever coming back to ECW ?

Sabu negotiated a deal with WCW while still under ECW contract. When WCW learned of this, they did not hire him, and Sabu returned to ECW for a few weeks, then walked out of an ECW Arena show. Since then Sabu has worked on independent shows, as well as wrestling in Canada and Japan. He will soon be wrestling for All Japan Pro Wrestling. It's unlikely he will return to ECW anytime soon.

Super Crazy had visa problems following a trip home to Mexico to visit his family. He is currently working for AAA, but is expected to return to ECW in the near future, although no concrete date is available.

I was wondering about my favorite WWF star of all time Tatanka. What's he doing ?

Tatanka recently competed on the 'Superstars of Wrestling' tour of Australia. He still wrestles on independent shows all over the United States. There apparently is no interest from ECW, WWF, or WCW at this time.

Is Don "Magnificent" Muraco still alive ?

Yes, the former Intercontinental champion and long time WWF performer is still alive, and retired.

I was wondering who was under the mask of the Patriot and if he still wrestles as who and where ?

Del Wilkes, the original Patriot, suffered an arm injury in the WWF which forced him out of wrestling. He sold the gimmick to Tom Brandi (aka Johnny Gunn, Sal Sincere), who still uses it on the independent circuit.

What ever happened to "Wildfire" Tommy Rich ?

Tommy Rich is still active on the independent scene, and often appears on ECW shows in the South. He appeared on the "Guilty As Charged" pay-per-view from Birmingham, Alabama last January.

What ever happened to Freebird Terry Gordy ?

Terry Gordy is still wrestling on the independent scene, and makes the occasional appearance in Japan, although it has been some time since his last trip to the Orient.

What ever happen to Hillbilly Jim ?

Jim still works for the WWF, and is involved in their Home Video division. You can often see him at the WWF fan festivals that they hold in conjunction with Wrestlemania.

What happened to the guy in the WWF named Skinner ?

Skinner was Steve Keirn, who had great success in Florida, Memphis and the AWA under his real name. He is most well known for his "Fabulous Ones" tag team with Stan Lane. He still competes, mostly in Florida, as Steve Keirn.

Where has Rick Martel been? Did Martel retire ?

Martel, while in the midst of a huge career revival in WCW, suffered an knee injury and retired. He had been in a feud with Booker T and Perry Saturn, and was in the best shape he had been in years, when it came to an abrupt end. He worked several shows in Canada, but has now fully retired.

Where is the old ECW wrestler "The Shah" Hack Myers ?

After leaving ECW, Myers wrestled for independent companies, mostly in Florida, and also appeared on WCW television back when the tapings were held in the Sunshine.

Who was the Berzerker ?

The Bezerker, aka The Viking, aka Nord The Barbarian was John Nord. He still wrestles, and up until a year ago was appearing on WCW television. He now works occasionally on the independent circuit.

What ever happened to the WWF wrestler named Bad News Brown ?

Bad News Brown is now retired and reportedly living in Canada.

What ever happened to Ultimo Dragon ?

He suffered an arm injury while working for WCW, and went in for surgery. The doctor that performed the surgery, allegedly, botched the operation and did nerve damage to his elbow. Dragon has since filed a lawsuit against the doctor for malpractice. Since the injury, he has opened his Ultimo Dragon Gym to train wrestlers, and also started his own promotion in Japan, Toryumon.

Is Manny Fernandez still wrestling ?

Yes, the "Raging Bull" still works independent dates across america.

Are the Road Warriors retired or are they wrestling elsewhere ?

The Road Warriors were accepting independent dates until recently, when Hawk suffered heart problems while on tour in Australia. He is currently recovering at home, and there has been no word when, or if, the Road Warriors will resume wrestling again.

What happened to Gillberg ?

Duane Gill still wrestles under the Gillberg character on independent shows, mostly on the East Coast.

I would like to know what ever happened to the Rock N Roll Express ?

Both Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson still wrestle on a regular basis, although Morton more than Gibson. Robert reportedly runs a sports memorabilia store in Florida, but still competes on occasion. Morton works regularly in Southern independents. The two still team as the Rock N' Roll Express from time to time, both here and abroad.

I've seen Bryan Clark of Kronic in a number of roles in the past including Wrath and Adam Bomb. Someone told me that he was also Corporal Kirschner -- is that true or just a myth ?

Nope. Mike "Corporal" Kirschner competes as Super Leather/Leatherface in Japan.

Where is Dustin Rhodes ?

Dustin is still under contract to WCW. When, or if, he will return to television, is not known.

What happened to Mr. Perfect after he lost Stasiak ?

Curt Hennig is currently a free agent, and completed a tour of Australia.

Where's Sid Vicious ?

Still under WCW contract, Sid took time off to rehab an injury. He's now healthy, and it's only a matter of what WCW decides to do with him.

Was Rad Radford Louie Spicolli ?

Yes. Originally a take off on the grunge trend, Rad Radford later became a "Bodydonna in Training" while teaming with Skip (Chris Candido).

Whatever happened to Lugvig Borga ? What happened to Tiger Ali Singh ?

Ludvig Borga couldn't live up to the high moral standards of WWF superstars. A legit tough guy, he's got a boxing match coming up in a few months. Tiger Ali Singh went back to Canada since he was so painful to watch. You're right, though, it was a great gimmick.

During the "New Generation" wave in the WWF, there was a wrestler named "Who". Who was he ?

Jim Neidhart was "Who?" under a mask. The gimmick was punishment for something.

Whatever happened to Nikita Koloff ?

Nikita Koloff, real name Scott Simpson, is active in making evangelical appearances. He appears as Nikita Koloff in characters and says he came from Russia and became a Christian. There are rumors he is interested in returning to wrestling. Koloff was never a good worker but got by on his killer appearance and charisma early in his career and was rushed into main events against Magnum T.A. and Ric Flair.

Whatever happened to the WWF's Irving R. Schyster (I.R.S.) ?

I.R.S., also known as Mike Rotunda, recently appeared on Nitro and Thunder as part of the Varsity Club.

Whatever happened to the fake Undertaker? What were some of his other characters since ?

The fake Undertaker was Brian Lee (Brian Harris), a legitimate cousin of the real Undertaker and a brother of both Ron & Don Harris. He has wrestled under his real name and also played "Chainz" as a member of the DOA in the WWF.

Do you have any idea what former AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel is up to?

Nick is living in Las Vegas.

Whatever happened to Bart Gunn ?

Bart Gunn wrestles in Japan as Mike Barton. He was forced to stop using the WWF trademarks name Bart Gunn (the WWF wouldn't have cared probably except for its resemblance to ongoing character Billy Gunn). He chose the last name Barton because it sounds like Bart Gunn during ring announcements, and in Japan he wanted to keep the familiarity and name value he had from his WWF days.

Is it true Konnan was Max Moon in the WWF ?

Konnan worked dark matches at WWF TV tapings for a year and a half. Along the line Vince McMahon designed a $13,000 costume for Konnan with an eventual TV push in mind. Konnan helped designed the costume and conceive of the character. At a TV taping that Konnan wasn't invited to, Paul Diamond said he could fit in the outfit and McMahon let him use the gimmick on TV because Diamond had been with the WWF longer. Konnan hasn't been back in the WWF since.

Whatever happened to Savio Vega ?

Savio Vega (Juan Rivera) is wrestling in Puerto Rico. He just recently changed his name back to TNT, which he originally wrestled as before his WWF stint. He suffered an injury as a result of his "Brawl for All" match in 1998. His recovery went slowly and by the time he was ready to return, the WWF didn't use him any more in the States.

Who were the Blade Runners ?

The Ultimate Warrior and Sting back in the mid-80s, before either man made it big.

Who were the Machines ?

Giant Machine was Andre the Giant, but the other two were a bit hard to figure out. The Super Machine was Bill Eadie, who the majority of fans know as Demolition Ax. The Big Machine was "Blackjack" Mulligan, who we know as Barry Windham's father.

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